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Corporate Packages

We help organizations provide basic healthcare access to their employees with our cohesive corporate packages.

We believe that “Healthier employees are happier employees.”

We use Information and communication technology to provide corporates with an efficient and affordable solution for their employees’ healthcare needs.

The wide array of Ehad services will help you satisfy your employees by providing them with coherent Healthcare services all under one roof.

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Corporate Packages

Pre-Employment Screening Package
✔ More efficient hiring process
✔ Employee mental wellbeing
✔ Drug usage detection
✔ Better productivity
✔ Retention of employees
Unlimited Doctor’s Consultations
✔ Connect with a doctor anytime, anywhere.
✔ Affordable care for you loved ones
✔ No waiting
✔ No hassle of appointment booking
✔ No traveling cost
Annual Employee Health and Wellness
✔ Regular check-up pf employees’ health and mental well-being
✔ Assisted stress management
✔ Motivation
✔ Decrease in absenteeism and layoffs
✔ Boost employee productivity
Executive Health
✔ Detailed screening and medical check-ups
✔ Highly Convenient with our @ office services
✔ Early disease detection
✔ Ensures better employee retention
✔ Great Value for money

Employees are the backbone of any successful organization. Promoting preventive healthcare can motivate employees to maintain their health, which could result in greatly improving the company’s performance. On an average, a million workdays are lost in a year due to illness, costing companies in billions.

Today, Organisations and Corporates are emphasising enormously upon their employee’s health. Corporate health checkups are a mandate with every company, be it small or big. These screenings can not only save the employee but also protect the employer , as he can be held responsible if for example, an employee with epilepsy suffers an attack at work and falls.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the decay of an employee’s health. By doing medicals, you can ensure that you take the necessary steps. It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. By doing regular employee medical checks, you can prevent future health problems. The employer will also protect the company if they keep records of all employee medical checks done. This can support any future legal situations.

Our Solution

We provide all the required medical services for your company. We aim our tests directly at your risks. This ensures that we do not do unnecessary tests. We always try and keep production loss to a minimal. Tests included in the corporate health checkup packages will give a clear insight of the employee’s health status and will also provide him the way forward to appropriate treatment and management, if any abnormality is detected.



Corporate health checkups are a great tool to protect employee wellness and in turn earn wellness and happiness for him and his entire family.

The benefits of regular health checkups do not end with saving life, our packages are specifically designed so they can be light on pocket yet still effective to not only save your money but mental/physical ordeal too.</p.

Healthy workforce indicates high productivity; thereby corporate health checkup is mandatory and includes a routine check with the physician followed by consultation. During consultation, you will be guided on your overall status and presented a true picture of your health based on the physical examination.